Shachar Caspi & Art of Love School Presents:

Workshop Facilitator Yearly Training Course

(Beginning 04, August, 2020)

The Art of Love

The first moment, you enter the room and everyone is seated. Before the first word is said you know who's contracted, who's open, who's scared, who's excited, who's resisting, who's closed …  The body language tells you the truth. The body movements allow you to notice what is going on inside the storyteller. Beyond the story told in words.” Shachar Caspi

The first moment, you enter the room and everyone is seated. Before the first word is said you know who's contracted, who's open, who's scared, who's excited, who's resisting, who's closed …  The body language tells you the truth. The body movements allow you to notice what is going on inside the storyteller. Beyond the story told in words.” Shachar Caspi

Live your passion, awaken your soul and support others to reclaim their power and live a fully integrated life. Experience the path of self-realization and lead individuals and groups to discover how it is to live with a still mind, open heart and an awakened body.

Let us give you all the details, and answer your questions:

Course Plan

The uniqueness of this training program lies in the thoughtful combination of various approaches from the spiritual, therapeutic and self-development areas. The program was developed based on extensive hands-on experience facilitating and guiding workshops, courses and ceremonies in Israel and around the world. The training program combines theoretical and practical studies, a personal development group, experiential workshops and training to help define the personal approach and direction of each of the course participants.

Phase A

Loving Presence • Active Listening Creating a Safe Space Tracking Methods Natural flow & Allowing Experiential Wisdom

Phase B

Holding Space  Stages of Building a Workshop  Model for Working with a Group • Body, Projections & Roles Conceptualizing & Writing a Workshop  Creating a Learning Experience in the Workshop Space • Transformation • Integration  Group Therapy • Group Dynamics  Leading with Music • Workshop Marketing & Registration

Phase C

The Difference between Workshop and Ceremony • Creating & Holding a Ceremonial Space • Listening to the Heart of the Space • Understanding the Constellation Field • Cacao Medicine & Working with the Elements • Working with Resistance in the Space • Working with Trauma • Guided Practicum • Feedback & Professional Guidance

What Will We Learn in Each Phase?

In Phase A – We will learn together how to create a safe and inviting space for participants. We will develop a healthy relationship with the group in an honest and positive way. We will apply the principles of listening to a space. We will receive training on the keys to creating trust among workshop participants. We'll discover the ways in which we can feel the space and understand what best serves.

In Phase B – We will delve into the principles of workshop structure according to different models. We will experiment with conceptualizing the experiences we want to create and workshop writing. We will understand more about personal and interpersonal dynamics. We will learn about therapy in the workshop space and the basics and fundamentals of how to create a workshop. We will receive unique training on music as a central tool in the creation of the workshop. We will discover how to create a safe ground for integration so that participants can internalize the experiences we create in the workshop.

In Phase C – In the final phase of the course we will learn about ceremonial space and the differences between ceremony and workshop and we will understand how to trust the process and surrender to it effortlessly. We will delve into a shamanic constellation field. We will discover new tools for working with the resistance and objections that may arise in the workshop space. We will receive guidance for how to identify trauma and what we can do to provide the right resources and structure for a therapeutic field. We will practice workshop facilitation, receiving feedback and realizing our unique gift within the world of workshop facilitation.

Let us give you all the details, and answer your questions:

About the Trainers

Shachar Caspi

Course Program Leader & Facilitator
Shachar is the founder of the International Art of Love School and leads seminars and retreats on Sexual shamanism, Therapy, Transformation and Mindfulness in Israel and around the world. He is a somatic therapist (graduated of "Hakomi" Psychotherapy) that gives individuals and couples sessions. Shachar is a mentor for workshop facilitators and a Lead Faculty at the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA). He facilitates cacao ceremonies in Israel and around the world. Shachar is the founder of the INITIATION (International shamanic tribal gathering) More than anything, Shachar is a father to Refael and Nahar and a partner to Hadas. He is a courageous explorer of the human path.

Or Koren

Transformative learning experience
Intentional facilitator of deep journeys in Israel and abroad; journeys of deep emotional work and empowerment in integration with the heart, body, sexuality and awareness. Or has a rich background and experience in many traditions, both ancient and contemporary. He is certified as a Teacher and Master of the International School of Theta Healing, Senior Therapist of Shiatsu and Ancient Chinese Medicine, Yoga, Biorgonomy, Electromagnetic Field Balancing EMF, Qi Kong and Kung Fu Artist, Quantum Being, Family Constellation Facilitator, and Teacher at ISTA the International School of Temple Arts for sexual shamanism and sacred sexuality.

Noga Maivar

Holding a Constellation Space
Therapist & Senior Certifying Instructor in Somatic Psychology and Family Constellation. Founder of the school and treatment center “Focusing Inward.” Founder of Isthar Center and leader of the sexual therapy training program. Facilitates workshops on relationships and sexuality and supports individuals and couples in personal development and exploring the paths to free love. Organizational advisor who is addicted to process, loves people and believes in chocolate.

Ori Bankhalter

Musician and the creator of "Small World" - Radio program in "Essence of Life" channel. Ori Leads movement and focus areas in Israel and around the world and teaches how to create a group flow in a transformational space by using music as the leader of the journey. Uri knows how to lead hundreds of people in meeting themselves deeply through music and creativity.

Pele | Ohad Ezrachi

Pele is a lead faculty in ISTA. He has been teaching Kabbalah, Sacred Sexuality, Love and Conscious Relating for more than 30 years. His life partner Dawn Cherie is a lead faculty in ISTA as well and many times they lead workshops together. Pele comes from a background of being a Kabbalist Rabbi in Jerusalem and a scholar of Kabbalah for many years. In 2000 he was a Rockefeller Foundation scholar in residence at the University of Eugene, Oregon, in a research program called “Science, Gender and the Sacred”. Pele is the author of the historical fiction "Kedesha - A timeless tale of a Love Priestess" and several other books (most still only in Hebrew). Before joining ISTA Pele was heading “Neviah – the Hebraic Academy of Universal Spirit” in Tel Aviv, and together with Dawn Cherie is the co-founder of “KabaLove – The School of Love and Kabbalah”. Pele is an artist, photographer and a song writer.

Who is the Program For?

Workshop Facilitators

Workshop facilitators starting out on their path who are looking to deepen their knowledge workshop creation and group facilitation.


Therapists who wish to deepen their understanding of transmitting information, tracking, and loving presence and to develop skills for facilitation with couples and groups.

Future Facilitators

Anyone who longs to be a workshop facilitator and wants to learn all of the necessary tools and gain all of the knowledge they need to begin a new and meaningful profession.

Let us give you all the details, and answer your questions:

Curriculum Structure

Course Start Date: 04.08.2020
Location: Germany

The program is built on the structure of four weeks in a year and Webinars in each month we do not meet. In every week Days 1 – 5 from 09:00 AM – 14:00 PM & 16:00 PM – 20:00 PM, day 6 from 09:00 AM to 14:00 PM. Facilitated by Shachar Caspi and the team of program facilitators and support staff (assistants).


First week: August 4 – 9
Second week: October 13 – 18


Third week: January 12-17
Fourth week: March 9-14

Supervised Practicum:

The course aims to create a space that will enable experiences and experimentation in the group that incorporate physical integration of personal and group growth processes. During the course students will learn professional and comprehensive background and tools in various group facilitation models and techniques.

In addition, we will hold group discussions on each facilitator’s process in the practicum project. Starting with the process of group formation and crystallization, to implementing your plan and problem solving, to summarizing and closing the process as well as examining the achievement of the stated goals and building a unique workshop for each participant.


Certificate as a "Certified AOL Facilitator from “Shachar Caspi’s – The Art of Love School" Will be offered to those participants who meet the training and practicum requirements.


Yearly training cost 4,750 USD 
There is a discounted price for an upfront payment.
The deposit of 1000 USD on booking.

Let us give you all the details: